I teach USUI REIKI; its history began with Doctor Usui ; founder, in the 1900’s in Japan. It is a natural hands on healing technique. As a Reiki Master, I am often asked if it is a type of massage; it is not; it involves the laying on of hands, on the Client’s body, whilst they lie on a treatment bed fully clothed. The Reiki Healer then ‘tunes into Universal Life Force energy’ and channels this into the Client. This pure healing energy helps to boost the body’s own ability to heal itself. The U.L.E. is given to the Client in a way that, I simply describe, as being like putting jump leads on a car battery; to recharge and power it up, it is amazing.

The beauty of Reiki Healing is that it is non-invasive, gentle and totally complementary. Therefore, it can be given to a diverse range of people in lots of different situations; for example, those who are in hospital, terminally ill, and even in other countries; because Reiki can be sent ‘distantly’ to heal aswell. Reiki Healing works on many levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; the help the ‘whole’ person to heal. Our bodies are designed to repair themselves but in our modern world we are mostly overworked, not getting enough sleep, or have poor diet and so our body is depleted. We all have the ability to heal; it is Divinely given to us all, whether we decide to use it is our own choosing; and if we choose we can learn the Healing skills; simply by going to learn Reiki Healing or other types of Healing.

I am often asked ‘Why should I try Reiki?
And I reply, ‘because you have nothing to loose and lots to gain!!’. Reiki is giving energy to you, and you cannot receive too much, and who can say that they do not need more energy?? Reiki Healing is a blissful, relaxing experience; Clients often fall asleep. You must try this wonderful Healing.