Heaven’s Helper is currently offering Phone Readings,
Online Readings via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email
Or Video Readings via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
Due to the 2020 pandemic, there are no face to face readings, as soon as these can be done safely
you will be notified here.

*Phone readings*
Phone readings are even better than face to face.

There are no distractions, for instance where people feel The Reader, Myself may be picking up on
your body language or observing what you are wearing for example a wedding ring – by phone this is
not possible. With a phone reading it is more focused; and you get more detail and attention with
audio only.
Simply the reader gets to talk more and tell you more.
As your psychic medium I shall be connecting to my guides, the angels and where requested – your
loved ones in heaven. I often refer to these fondly as “them upstairs”. And so as a team we work
together to give you the most accurate guidance and messages that I am given at the time of your

*Mediumship readings*
These are a way to connect to your loved ones in heaven and for me to give you messages directly
from them to you. This will include “proof of life after death” and specifics about them and their life.
This is so you know that it’s definitely them. For instance they often give me names, physical
conditions they had and other relatives/ people that they are currently reunited with in spirit.
There is no time in spirit and so I shall be telling you about Past, Present and Future and they relate
to me.
There are no language barriers in spirit world and even if your family members up above did not
speak English by some miracle spirit and my guides translate all other languages to English so I am
able to understand and pass the information on to you. For example, even if your grandmother lived
in India and never spoke English I would still be able to understand her because it all comes to me
via telepathy.

*Animal readings *
I am often asked whether I can connect to pets in heaven and the answer is yes, although it may not
be as in depth as connecting to a human. However, I am able to pick up on their personality, some
features and memories.
For example, I have connected to many cats, dogs, horses and even a beloved guinea pig.

*Tarot card readings*
These cards are used for readings about your future and cover areas such as love, romance, carrier
and money, fertility, family, travel and much more.
In your card phone reading the first three cards are what I call cold reading where I shall give you the
first three cards without you asking or telling me anything. These three cards are what the angels
and guides feel are important to you at this time. After which you can ask your specific questions
and the cards will answer those directly.

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