Energyfield Healing is a dynamic form of healing; working on the Client’s aura to identify, clear, cleanse and repair any damage or negativity from them. This type of healing is profound and its aim to find the ‘CAUSE’ of illness, stress, phobias, non serving energies and emotions and clear these from the Client and return the person to a state of wellbeing, peace and self confidence to give and get the best out of their life and potentials.

A session of Energyfield processes for up to 4 weeks after the actual session and I have yet to meet a person who has not experienced a positive effect from this type of Healing, please look at my Testimonials. The wonder of this Healing for me, as an advanced Energyfield Healer and Teacher, lies in the awesome information that each and everyone of us hold in our AURA; the ENERGYFIELD!

When I am Healing, I am able to find the ‘cause’ of a Client’s problems and these can be from their past, their childhood, a past lifetime of theirs and karmic connection to another person. The cause of a Client’s pain or discomfort is as unique and diverse as each of us are as individuals, and energyfield healing is able to help me, as a Healer, to identify where the ‘cause’ lies.
For example, a Client may be suffering with a minor phobia or intense dislike, such as fear of water; because they may have drowned in a past life; this is healable. In fact, as energy is in constant flow and change, most things and conditions are healable; and only dependant on the ability of your Healer and your willingness to receive the Healing.

Many Clients present energies in their Aura that they no longer require or need, and in fact are not helping or restricting that person from moving forward with their life in a positive way. For instance, many Clients will have non-serving energies left over from past relationships and heartache; from separation and where they have lost someone; particularly after divorce, break up and a bereavement. The wonderful skill of energyfield healing can clear this for them and replenish their heart with comfort, love and hope.

As an individual I am blessed with the skills and Guides to help me Heal and Read ‘multi-dimensionally’; this means, I am able to connect into different places on a person’s ‘timeline’, and into their ‘past life’, if their particular situation requires this type of help. These skills are often referred to as ‘Past Life Healing/Reading’, ‘Timeline Healing’, ’Karmic Healing’, and do not worry, there is no need to be confused with these terms; it simply means that whatever event or situation, or whoever, in any given time has, or is still, causing you discomfort, or holding you back; this can be identified for you and released up during the Healing. As a Medium, who also heals I am able often to heal a person whilst simultaneaously, giving that Client messages from their Loved One in Spirit.