As ‘Heaven’s Helper’ I have been working with Guides, Angels and Healing energies since 1998.
Reiki Healing began, for me, in 1998 and by 1999, I was a Reiki Master and in 2000, I began to teach and am still teaching Reiki today.
Reiki is a simple and natural hands on healing technique; which is gentle and effective and can be used alongside lots of other complimentary therapies and medicine.
I believe it is a great way to begin your own spiritual journey and self healing and then work your way toward healing others.

In 2002, I qualified in Energyfield Healing and continued on to do the Advanced level and Teacher Training. This is a dynamic and active healing technique and can help with long term problems; be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and can also help with karmic and ‘past life’ issues.

Since my Healing work began I became aware of Spirit; at first I was surprised, nervous and bewildered; because all of my other skills I had chosen to study for and train in, but this…this just came!!
… no one to train me, nothing to pay for….just huge amounts of faith and trust, in what I refer to as ‘Them Upstairs’.. in the fondest terms; referring to my Guides, Angels, Divine Beings and Loved Ones in Spirit.
This has simply grown in strength and clarity with the passing of time since 1998 and today, in 2011, my connection with all of them is strong and I connect in with ‘Them Upstairs’ daily ; whether I am Reading or Healing a Client, doing a Church Service, Teaching or for myself …they are my constant companions.
The majority of my work now is Mediumship; both at Church Services, at my own private events and shows, and in my private Readings for Clients.

I continue to teach Reiki Healing, because it is a worthwhile and valuable journey for anyone wishing to learn more about themselves spiritually and develop a sense of inner peace.
It is close to my own heart because it triggered my interest and set me off on my spiritual path a long time ago; and helped to ‘open’ me up to Spirit and my Guides; for which I am deeply grateful.

I offer Energyfield Healing sessions privately; and these have profoundly positive effects on the Clients,
(please see Testimonials). Energyfield Healing is available to babies and children as long as they are attended by a consenting Parent/Guardian.
When a Healer/Teacher has multiple skills and abilities, they often find, like myself, that they are able to combine these skills; so that a Client may well come for Energyfield Healing and at the same time be given a wonderful message from a Loved One in Spirit. I do not question this, as I trust my Guides and the Divine entirely and I know that each Client will receive exactly what they ‘need’ at that time, which is unique to them.
I am blessed to do this work and be of Service to others; it is not only my work, it is my way of life and my faith…and am certain it brings love, comfort and healing to all those who give it the opportunity to.

Vanessa’s Guides