I have served in several Spiritualist Churches in the Midlands ; as a Guest Medium ,including Erdington, Walsall, Hall Green and Yardley.
For those who have never been ; these services involve taking the platform and giving out messages to the Congregation from their Loved Ones in Spirit. It is a wonderful introduction to Spirit for Newcomers and is usually Donation freely given and no fixed fee.
As a Medium, we volunteer our time and do the Demonstration of Mediumship for free ; it is a lovely way of honouring Spirit and sharing the gift of Mediumship we are blessed with.
My upcoming Church Demonstrations will be posted here and on my Facebook Page .


Enjoy a psychic party in the comfort of your own home with family and friends; simply invite a small group round and whilst you Hostess and people socialise with drinks and nibble ; each person will go off into a quiet area and have their private one to one Reading with me. Afterwards , you can choose to share the joy of messages from your Loved Ones in Spirit with the group or just keep this information personally.
These Parties are very popular and so it is advised to book up at least 1-2 months in advance.